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BabySheepToken is an experiment in Deflationary Tokenomics, created on the Binance Smart Chain with a simple purpose: to develop a token that has taken steps to promote safety for investors and is deflationary in nature. This is with the intent to help ensure continued liquidity and implement safeguards to help protect against pump and dump schemes, market downtrends and more.

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Why Baby Sheep Token?

Baby Sheep was created to mitigate the shortfalls seen with the rise in today’s “community coins”. With a Deflationary Protocol, and with longevity in mind, the Developers believe Baby Sheep will shine because of it’s Tokenomics, Professionalism and Transparency.

5% Holder Rewards

5% Automatic Liquidity Pools


Important Links

Reach out to us on discord if you need some help from the flock

1. Create a MetaMask Wallet

Create Wallet

2. Set your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain

Set up Wallet

3. Connect your wallet to Pancakeswap

Connect Wallet

4. Trade BNB for BSHE


Frequently asked questions

Every transaction (both buying and selling) will have a 10% tax, with 5% being divided between all holders and 5% going into an Automatic Liquidity Pool.

Yes, there will be burns at certain milestones involving Holder numbers, Market Cap increases and to help stabilize the price during market down-turns.

The Team has both families and full-time careers, this being so they have chosen to remain anonymous for sole purpose of safety concerns.

The Development Wallet will be used for expenses as they arise, such as Audits, Marketing and more. This wallet will also be used to facilitate Burns for the Token. These actions will decrease the percentage this wallet holds until the Token is self sufficient.